Classes & Grades

What We Do in Grades PreK to 4


We have two pre-k classes at Old Center. The classes provide students an opportunity to experience and engage in learning through exploration, play and hands-on activities. The Creative Curriculum focuses on areas of social emotional, literacy and math skills. Our boys and girls explore learning through new lenses. Students participate in daily activities that encourage them to become independent and successful.  Pre-K student at desk

Family engagement and partnerships are important as we provide students their first public school experience.


Our Kindergarten classes provide a warm, friendly and stimulating environment where children can grow and become confident learners. Academics are taken seriously, as we ensure that we are meeting the developmental and social needs of our students. Kindergarten provides the beginning stages for students to embrace their joy for learning. Building partnerships with our families is essential as we join in educating our students.

1st Grade

 In first grade we explore many new skills. Our students are learning to read and apply their learning. Our first graders have become inquisitive as they communicate and are introduced to concepts. They are beginning a new pathway to learn fun and exciting materials that will broaden their learning.

Teacher in class with students

Our students are excited and exhibit a true joy for learning.

2nd Grade

Our second grade students not only focus on new skills, but strive to ensure that prior skills are mastered, and goals met. The goal for students is to make leaps and bounds in reading, writing and math. We also provide opportunities for students to participate in Socratic seminars and STEAM activities that increases their critical thinking skills.

We are excited that our students continue to excel!

3rd Grade

Third grade is an exciting year at Old Center! After years of learning to read, students are finally reading to learn. Reading comes alive as students learn from various topics and discussions introduced in their grade level. They engage in research activities, seminars and STEAM projects to open their minds to new learning. They share and collaborate with classmates as they engage in learning each day.

We are so proud of the growth that is made in third grade as students continue to excel.

4th Grade

 Fourth grade at Old Center Elementary is exciting and quite challenging! Our students are beginning preparation for the middle school years in which we set high expectations. Students continue to build solid comprehension skills in reading, as well as across the curriculum in all subject areas to have a deeper understanding of what is read and how to apply their learning. We encourage students to become independent learners and creative thinkers.