Programs & Activities


Music at Old Center provides students opportunities to sing, play instruments, learn musical notations and perform. They participate in monthly grade level programs as well as musical and choir performances.

The music curriculum, Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, engages students of all learning modalities using carefully selected materials to focus on music standards. As the students learn more about the domains, they are able to create and make connections. 



Students attend art class each week to learn and experience Arts in Action. The doors are open for students to explore, design and create student projects to place in our Art Gallery.  Our students enjoy this colorful and creative opportunity to display their art talents. 


Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education. Students have the opportunity to move, groove and learn about making healthy choices. Included in our classes are nature and wildlife studies. Our aquarium is a fun addition to students learning more about fishing and “Trout in the School."

Come see the many exciting learning opportunities.

Library Spring


The library is a magical place with thousands of books to excite all readers. There are quiet corners to read and a STEAM maker space to learn. Also in the library is a computer lab equipped to accommodate a full class. Come enjoy the library! 

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The program is designed to serve our students in Encore and Young Scholars of Nashville. The students participate in an engaging, interactive and problem based curriculum that focuses on developing student’s critical and creative thinking abilities. The programs are designed to supplement the curriculum being taught in the general education classroom.

To learn more about our program, please call 615-859-8968, ext.610131