Our School

Old Center Elementary School Teachers

Learn, Grow, Engage

Old Center Elementary is full of opportunities for our Pre-K - 4 students to learn, grow and engage. Our students, parents, teachers and community leaders work collaboratively to provide a nurturing, supportive learning environment.

In addition to a day of learning literacy, our students can participate in physical, social emotional, art and music activities. We also provide after school tutoring to enhance and further students' academic growth.  They also have opportunities to participate in monthly clubs, student council, Beta Club, and Safety Patrols. 

The goal is to empower our students to become productive citizens and acquire leadership skills needed in everyday life situations.  We celebrate student achievement with AAA Achiever recognition, the prize store and various celebrations for outstanding behavior and academics. 

School Hours

8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

School Cluster

Use the online zone map to learn more about our school cluster.

Board Member

District 3